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Gifkins Dovetail @ Perth wood show, Fri 04Aug—Sun 06Aug17


FRI 04Aug—SUN 06Aug17: Robinson Pavilion, Perth Showgrounds, Graylands Avenue, Claremont WA

The PERTH Wood Show is the premium annual event for Perth wood enthusiasts. If you are new to woodworking…come along to get advice and learn techniques across all wood working disciplines.

See Col Hosie make three beautiful boxes each day, using the hero-piece—the Gifkins jig—to cut perfect dovetails and finger joints. He will also demonstrate box making techniques, using specialty box making router bits.

The seminars will be at 10.30am, 12.30pm and 2.30pm.

A full range of box making products will be available for sale. We will also have a range of beautiful hand-made boxes.

If you have a special order, for example, you want to purchase a router table, please call us in advance and we will be happy to bring extra stock. Call Gifkins Dovetail…0411-283-802 / Office 02-6651-9513.

For more details about the show…see WA wood show website:


Sydney Wood Show 2017: discounted ticket

Take advantage of our discounted ticket offer for the Sydney Wood show,
starting Friday 23 June 2017.

Follow the link and print the pageGifkins-SYD17-DISC-TCKT-Jun17

Go to our website for further details


Gifkins Dovetail @ Sydney wood show, Fri 23Jun—Sun 25Jun17


FRI 23Jun—SUN 25Jun17: Grand Parade, Sydney Showgrounds, Olympic Park, Homebush NSW

Col and Pam are again looking forward to the SYDNEY Wood show, to meet long-time Gifkins Dovetail enthusiasts, and to introduce newcomers to the pleasures of box making and small furniture construction.


Gifkins Dovetail makes the only Australian-made and owned jig. It’s a beautifully designed tool that delivers precise joints every time…dovetail and finger joints! The jig is designed to use on an under-table mounted router.

The standard jig package contains all you need to cut perfect dovetails or finger joints. You provide dressed, sanded and square timber and you’re ready to start!

No measuring! No fiddling! No fuss!


To demonstrate how easy it is to use the jig—each day of the show Col will make three beautiful boxes: a trinket box, a special jewellery box and a desktop box. The demonstrations will at 10.30am, 12.30pm and 2.30pm. He will also do joint demonstrations on request throughout the show.


The Gifkins Dovetail Box maker’s starter pack is still discounted to save you dollars. It has everything the enthusiast needs to start making boxes. The pack contains…

[1] a Standard Solo jig package with the template of your choice,

[2] Ultimate box maker’s cutter kit [with five cutters],

[3] one Bessey Kliklamp,

[4] one pair of clamp holders, and

[5] a demonstration DVD [dovetail or finger joint].

Normal retail price—$662—discounted by $47 to $615. A real saving!

Gifkins also discounts multiple template packages. They are available with any combination of dovetail or finger joint templates to suit your requirements. WE ALSO HAVE A RANGE OF ACCESSORIES to support the box maker: router and router table, clamps, books, DVDs and spare parts.


While you are visiting our seminar and retail area—check out our Jumbo jig. The longer jig body is ideal for making larger boxes, household items and furniture projects—both commercial and domestic! The productive area between stops on the block is up to 480mm.

We make four templates: two dovetail [A and B] and two finger joint [F5 and F15] across two timber thicknesses. The Solo package contains the jig body with stops, the cutters to match your template, along with the instruction manual.

See ‘Jumbo packages’ on the website for further details.

Please call us before the show, if you have a special order, so that we can bring it with us to Sydney.

Col 0411-283-802 / Office 02-6651-9513 /

See WWW show website:, to receive your adult entry discount and e-news. If you forget to buy a multi-day pass…see the Woody’s office to purchase your second day entry for a super low price!