Dovetail jig and box making inservicing

The dovetail jig and box making inservicing is designed for teachers at high schools and colleges and mentors and group leaders at woodworking groups and mens’ sheds.

Col Hosie will tailor dovetail jig and box making inservicing to suit your organisation’s desired learning outcomes, ensuring your participants come away from the session with a wealth of knowledge and box making experiences.

We will travel to your organisation to conduct the inservice in your workshop.

The timing and course duration is flexible and open to negotiation. Please ring to discuss the duration and content of a dovetail jig and box making inservicing course to suit you.

You choose which format is appropriate for your organisation:
[1] a demonstration and information session on the Gifkins jig and box making, with no ‘hands-on’ audience participation; or,
[2] a session where participants watch Col demonstrate and then they step through each process to make a box.

[1] A one day demonstration seminar  is $550 per day incl GST, plus travel expenses.

[2] A one day in-service workshop with active participation is $550 per day incl GST, plus travel expenses.

There is an additional fee of $90 per person for materials. Each participant is provided with material for two Desktop boxes: prepared timber for one box, and one completed box, to be used during the workshop. Some equipment may be supplied, depending on the course requirements and your workshop setup.

Duration: 9.00am to 4.00pm with breaks for morning tea and lunch.

Elements of a one-day dovetail jig and box making workshop

The outline below forms the basis of a one-day course. Some elements of the course may be changed for participants who have a working knowledge of the Gifkins jig in particular, and, box making in general.

Session 1

Gifkins Dovetail jig and box making equipment

  • Briefing on safety in the workshop and jig maintenance.
  • Summary of the jig construction: templates, block, backing boards, routers, router bits and tables.
  • Setting up of the jig and cutting test joints.

Session 2 

Construct a Desktop box. Demonstration and participation

  • Demonstrate cutting joints on all sides of box, cutting trenches in the top and bottom of box for lid and base.
  • Issue participants with box 1, to cut their joints and rebates.
  • Demonstrate cutting of edges of the top and base with panel raising bit.
  • Participants complete the above process, and glue and assemble box.
  • Demonstrate splitting of the box on router table, and cutting of sleeves.
  • Issue participants with prepared box 2 to split their box and cut the sleeves for the box interior.
  • Participants cut and fit false floor for box interior.
  • Sand all sides through the grades to attain a very smooth surface, and
  • finish with Organoil  Danish oil.


Please bring along ear and eye protection and wear enclosed shoes.
 At the end of a one day workshop, each participant will have two desktop boxes to finish at home.

Further courses available

Other template profiles and processes

  • Demonstrate how to use the A10 template to construct a box with uneven sides.
  • Cutting finger joints with the F5 template.
  • How to use the H10 template to make thin dividers for a box interior.
  • How to use the variable joint spacers [VJS].