Dave, 07Jul14

I bought my A10 Jig at the Sydney show this year. Just wanted to tell you that the trial cut was absolutely perfect and it is so easy to use! Made 3 carcasses in about 15 mins just to try it out! Ran out of wood before I ran out of patience…

Thanks for a great product.

[Last name supplied; received by email]

Teacher feedback, WA, 13Jun13

Hi Col & Pam , I would just like to say how happy I am with the Gifkin Dovetail Jig. I have incorporated the jig into two of my classes; our current yr 11s are making a jewellery box. I have added some photos of  the one I have made to show the students.

The jig is a joy to use and so simple…!

[Name and school supplied; received by email]

Michael, 30Jan12

Have received everything.  Impressed with the quality and ease of assembly.  Also appreciate your attention.  Thanks.

Michael [last name supplied; received by email]

Jeffrey, USA, 13Jun12

I really appreciate your call yesterday evening.

With the way things are going with the majority of companies here in the states, it’s rare to see a business owner taking the time to respond to inquiries (next time, I’ll know to include my country of residence, as well…).

Jeffrey [last name supplied; received by email]

Jim, 22Jun12

Thank you Pam for your excellent service. I did try to call but your phone was busy so here is the second best way to say “Thank You” for the No. 5 router bit that you posted to me on Friday and I picked up from the Post Office Monday morning. One can’t do better than that.

Kind Regards   Jim [last name supplied; received by email]

Keith, 17Feb14

Here’s a compliment for Gifkins.  Recently I corresponded with Nick Gibbs, a journo with several UK! wood magazines, and knowing that I was in Australia, he offered the info that he had a Gifkins jig.  Not bad, eh?  Here’s a bloke who’s probably tried every jig on the planet, and he buys yours.

[Full name supplied; received by email]